So Good wrote 2 weeks ago about a new marketing campaign from Kraft Foods centering on a contest to submit your own “Happy Sandwich Video.” The campaign is supposed to feature a Kraft Food’s MySpace page. At the time, we ridiculed Kraft foods for not having any MySpace friends besides Tom, MySpace’s founder.

Yesterday, someone named “hilkster” showed up in the comments of my post to argue that there were no friends on the page because the program didn’t start until October 15. Fair enough. Although “hilkster” seemed to have an unusually passionate attitude towards Kraft Singles…I mean c’mon, no one likes processed cheese THAT much do they?

Anyways, “hilkster” went on to suggest that once the program started, “Kraft Singles will have a bunch of friends.” Uh yeah, right. Of course they will. If there is something everyone on MySpace wants to be friends with, it’s a MySpace page for a piece of artificial cheese.

Well, October 15th, the official start of the “Happy Sandwich” campaign has arrived, and a quick check of the MySpace page shows……you guessed it…..STILL NO FRIENDS. The campaign officially launched today, but no one has logged into the page since Friday, and the friend section of the page is still woefully lonely:



HELLO??? Kraft? Anyone there? Aren’t you aware that the campaign “launched” today? Get some friends already! I tried to warn you that joining MySpace would be like high school all over again. Oh Kraft, even on MySpace you’re still on the outside looking in.

UPDATE: The page finally went live sometime around 2 PM, and features a whole bunch of flash animation and links through which to submit your video.  Also, the page already has 91 friends! Kraft is bringing it now!

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  1. Ruca Bangs

    And the plot thickens!

    So, every day in my e-mail, I get the latest in media news from, who send out excellent newsletters summing up the major stories of the day and updates from their featured blogs. Today, this press release came down the pipeline.

    This article makes me happy that Kraft has no friends, not only because it seems like a really lame promotion, but also that its only supporter and defender on sogood, ‘hilkster’, would appear to be none other then Jane Hilk, vice president of marketing for Cheese & Dairy at Kraft Foods. Doesn’t she have an intern or assistant who can scan blogs and leave comments? Maybe this campaign is her brainchild and her job is on the line?

    A hint for the hilkster, try major marketing maybe? Or build a contest website? Myspace is soooo 3 years ago.

    Anyways, sogood should keep us updated on the friend-level, any videos submitted, and voting on said videos. For all you myspacers who have a hard-on for KRAFT singles, I implore you to not be friends with KRAFT cheese or submit an entry to this contest. Major companies need to realize that they have to do a little more work to get the coveted ‘user-generated-content-buzz’ in the post-modern internet/blogsphere universe that we live in, then starting a myspace account and dangling money that will probably never be rewarded because of a lack of friends to vote and submissions to vote on.

    Hilkster, the ball is in your court. Prove me wrong.

    Sogood, I am now lobbying to be an official reporter, and therefore should be put on the sogood payroll. I expect one meatball sub in the mail every wednesday.


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