As you likely know from the marketing campaigns and So Good reporting, the well-known Oreo cookie, and winner of our Snack Madness tournament, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.

What you might not have seen, unless you are one of the 28 million (!) fans on Facebook, is their creative 100-day Daily Twist campaign.

Every day between June 25 and October 2, the company (aka its ad agency) comes up with a clever theme and uses the cookie to illustrate the idea. I love the creativity and timeliness of some of the days – commemorating Neil Armstrong, for example (Aug 27).

A few of my faves:

Sept 23: Digging the red carpet

Sept 20:
With actual working Pong!

Sept 3:
A much better idea than this.

June 25:
A bold move to start the campaign.

Not all of Oreo’s ideas are good, but this one hits the mark – engaging and smart.

Which day do you think is the most interesting?

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