Although if you want to get all technical, it’s “Brrrger.” If you hadn’t already heard, select Orange County Carl’s Jr. locations are selling an ice cream sandwich that’s made to look like a burger. Foodbeast first reported this a couple weeks back.

It costs $1.99, and includes a layer of chocolate ice cream (meat) between two sugar cookies (sesame seed bun). Also, on top of the ice cream, there’s some weird looking green, red and yellow icing that’s supposed to be toppings. But which toppings? Green could be lettuce or pickles; red might be ketchup, but could also be tomato; and yellow could be mustard or cheese. I guess that’s up to the eater to decide.

Of course, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s is already pushing their Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich, which is quite delectable if you ask me. You can’t really go wrong with Oreos and ice cream. But I’ve never seen an ice cream sandwich quite like this new concoction. Chocolate ice cream? Sugar cookies? It doesn’t look or sound all that appetizing to me, especially with the icing, which I highly doubt looks anything like the promo picture. Suspicions confirmed thanks to the OC Register:

Lest we forget that two summers ago, Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s tested another weird item in So Cal and Indiana, respectively: the foot-long cheeseburger. Luckily, that monstrosity never made it outside the Southland area and Hoosier state.

Only time will tell if the Ice Cream Brrrger is worthy of a national release. But if it is rolled out nationally at some point, I won’t be in a hurry to get to my local Carl’s Jr. to try it.

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