We’ve all done it. Or thought about doing it. Or seen it been done. The question is, do you do it? Are you a ketchup packet licker? You know what I’m referring to. You get a burger at a fast food restaurant, or a diner, or grab a burger and fries and take them home. The time comes to make a nice little pile of ketchup to dip your fries in, but all you have is a handful of ketchup packets.

Ketchup Packets

As you squeeze your packets out to make a nice little pile of ketchup on your plate/burger wrapper, no matter how efficiently you squeeze your ketchup, as that last drop goes from the packet to your plate, something is crystal clear to you: there is still a bit of ketchup on the tip of your packet! Do you toss it aside, leaving a pile of goopy packets? Or as you finish squeezing each packet, do you delicately bring it to your mouth, licking or puckering your lips to suck that last bit of ketchup off the packet into your mouth?

Earlier this year, we asked So Good readers if they were a yogurt lid licker and 74% answered yes. Well what about ketchup? Are you a ketchup packet licker?

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5 Responses

  1. Kelly

    My answer is No but only because I’m not a big ketchup user. I’m probably the only one who does this with soy sauce though. I can’t help but suck the extra bit of pure sodium left over lol.

  2. Makya

    Yes, I too would rather cease to exist than have a small amount of condiment in my oral cavity. Death before ketchup!

  3. Cary

    Eick, this is a terrifying question. I would feel it necessary to wash the packet before even attempting said action.


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