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  1. DAVE ID

    Like Bear said, the best part 😀 Can’t tell you why but the experience is incomplete with out the lid-licking.

  2. Antonio

    It taste great. And its part of what u payed for. Its not like you are sharing the lid with someone or putting it back on.

  3. shatraw

    licking anything is gross. i scrape the excess back into the cup.



  4. shatraw


    fair enough, you dog you!

    licking MOST things is gross… and certainly anything made out of cheap plastic or *shudder* metal that has crusty bacteria caked on it.

  5. Nate

    What? I paid for the yogurt and I wanna get the most out of it. Heck I’d lick the bottom of the cup if my tongue were long enough.

  6. shatraw

    please, the “I paid for it” rationale is a joke, considering how much perfectly usable waste most people produce.

    and please don’t tell me how good you are at using every part of the buffalo — so to speak.

  7. Skiff

    This whole thing is gross.

    How much does a freaking yogurt cost that you need to “get your moneys” worth by licking the lid? Consider it a sunk cost and buy a new one.

  8. andrew

    I think lid licking is gross, came on here to see if anyone else was grossed out by it ! – Andy – 23 – Scotland

  9. Jessica

    I personally think licking the lid is disgusting, there is just something really unappealing about it, to me the ‘skin’ of yoghurt that forms is horrible and just looks like the yoghurt has gone off.
    I also cannot stand when people eat the yoghurt bits that have stuck to the rim of the yoghurt, you know what I mean, its the same stuff that’s on the lid.

    Anyway my point shared I HATE with a passion that part of the yoghurt and anyone that chooses to partake in eating it!

  10. jav az

    Just a little information for all those who like to lick the lid. (I used to be one of them)
    By law the manufacturers cannot put any preservatives in the yogurt, however the law does not restrict them from applying a layer preservative on to the inside of the lid which in turn helps keep the yogurt longer on the shelves.
    When you lick that yummy part of the yogurt, you also lick quite a bit of harmful preservatives.
    Simply peel off the lid and toss it!

  11. Nathalie

    What about the whole campaign top mail the label back to the company regarding breast cancer research. Ok so cant they think of a better way of raising money for breast cancer research than sending in a nasty lid someone potentially licked. Ok so the person opening up the mail for those nasty labels should get hazard pay! I rank that as one nasty job.


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