This one totally slid under my radar until I saw it mentioned by a fellow food blogger, but this is right up So Good’s ally.  Epic Portions sets the stage:

So how terrible would this be: you’ve been taken prisoner in North Korea. You don’t know when you’re coming home – you could rot in jail for the rest of your life.  You finally get released, and here is the photo that the national/international news media uses (from CNN frontpage):

hostage sandwich

Hahahahahaha. Look, I know this woman just went through the extremely unpleasant/horrible ordeal of being held hostage by a vicious dictatorship that is part of the “Axis of Evil”, but there is something hilariously comical about CNN using a photo of the woman holding a giant sub/hero/hoagie/grinder. I mean, seriously, was that the ONLY photo they could find of her? You would think CNN would have tracked down a normal, respectable photo. You would think that would have been something they would have done a few months ago, like, I dunno, how about RIGHT AFTER SHE WAS TAKEN HOSTAGE???

Doesn’t this woman have a Facebook page? Vacation photos? A family they could have contacted for a better picture? A headshot from her employer’s website? Then again, maybe I don’t know the full details here. Maybe they did contact the family, and this is the photo they supplied to CNN. Heck, maybe CNN even said “uh, are you sure you want to use a photo with that giant sandwich in it?” to which they probably responded, “she LOOOOVES sub sandwiches. When she is released, nothing will make her happier than to know that the photo of her that appeared on the news showed her with a giant sandwich.”

Kind of makes me afraid that if I ever die, get lost in the mountains for days, or am taken hostage, the newspapers will randomly settle on this as a stock photo:

Profile Sandwich

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  1. Bear Silber

    Well now we’ll have to make sure of that 😛

    I wouldn’t mind them using one of me with a big ol’ pizza stuffed in my face!

  2. Brian

    I would want my picture taken with a burrito. Maybe a carnitas burrito. Salsa would be dripping down my hand and I would have a spot of sour cream on my cheek. Of course, I would be subject to the “are you SURE that was sour cream,” question from wise guys for the rest of my life, so maybe I’ll tell mom to put the camera away next time we’re at Chipotle.

  3. shatraw

    sorry, i know this has nothing to do with the sandwich photo, but can you imagine how fucking mind-blowing it must have been to have your captors tell you to go to a meeting and walk into the room and Bill Clinton turns to you and is like “hi, i’m here to take you home.”

    he’s like fucking RAMBO!


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