Submitting their entry to the long line of bacon related products and crazy things made of bacon such as the bacon bra, bacon floss and a bacon ipod case, the blog This is Freaking Ridiculous has created a gun made of bacon.  But not just any old gun:

the BA-K-47, a 1:1 scale AK-47 made out of bacon. It took a total of eight hours to create, a lot of bacon, and a blowtorch… oh yeah, and our good friend beer helped too.

Damn. That’s quite the weekend bacon project. Check it out below, and head over to their site to see additional pictures.



H/T to Slanch Report.

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  1. Hillary

    I have to say I think this is bias! You better write a post about chicken now! Unfair to write about bacon WHILE people are voting!

  2. Eick


    I thought about that, but damn, it’s hard not to write about bacon. Of course whether or not a post about bacon makes people want to vote for it might be based on if the post makes bacon seem more appetizing.

    Frankly, I’m not sure being able to mold a certain type of meat into the shape of a gun makes it sound anymore appetizing. If anything it makes it LESS appetizing.


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