The “products that look like bacon” insanity continues. First there was the bacon scarf, bacon bra, bacon floss and bacon vodka. Making the rounds today is a post from Gizmodo, about a bacon ipod case:

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  1. Eick

    Tell me about it. I’m super sick of hearing about bacon everything.

    Oddly I started eating BLT’s for the first time ever this year though.

  2. f.B

    based on Gizmodo’s pictures, did anyone even think about including a way to wear that case? or do you have to carry around a skillet?

    i think the solution is loving more expensive meat products. this wouldn’t be happening if prosciutto was the fan favorite.

  3. Youppi

    Eick; you’re a sandwich lover and this is the first year you’ve started eating BLT’s?!?

    does that mean you don’t or haven’t really eaten the close relative of the BLT, the Club Sandwich? (thought to have been first served in SARATOGA SPRINGS!!!)


  4. Cary

    eick, your comment concerning BLT’s is frightening.

    also, is this the beginning of the Great Bacon Backlash? will people start to fear bacon?

    and if that’s true, will they have Farenheit 451-style bacon burning rallies and get really confused when they end up frying super delicious mountains of bacon?

  5. Eick

    I’ve eaten Turkey sandwiches with bacon and club sandwiches for years. I pretty much never ate a straight BLT until recently though.


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