Update: You can view Padma’s seductive new commercial HERE.

Specifically, she’ll be promoting the Bacon Western Thickburger in a new commercial. She joins  Head Judge Tom Colicchio, who recently stared in an ad for Diet Coke, in the world of junk food promotion.  People Magazine has obtained an image from the new ad which is slated to start running in March.


Via Amuse-Biatch and Grub Street.

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  1. dhess

    WOW!!! I am all about buying a Hardees burger now. Do you think Top Chef judge’s contracts have requirements to advertise for junk food? Most likely.

  2. Brian

    The Hardee’s mention threw me off. Around here they’re known as Carls Jr.

    How about a burger shot, Ms. Lakshmi?

  3. Kali

    This tickles me no end.

    Padma Lakshmi promoting a juicy greasy hamburger? Well, now, there wouldn’t be a reason she’d be so interested in getting one now, is there?


  4. stm

    So what should we think now every time she cringes on top chef? Is the food worse than Hardee’s or she just faking it?

  5. flo

    what don’t we go all the way and get a good squirrel shot in for all the 10 year olds.


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