The Burger King secret menu is now out:

As I noted in my post below, Burger King has just unveiled their new Angry Whopper.  As many companies are now doing, they’ve tapped into Facebook and created an application to help promote it. But this Facebook application is a bit….different. Instead of encouraging you to join a group, find new friends, or spread the word, Burger King is allowing you to ditch some Facebook friends by offering their new Whopper Sacrifice Application which rewards you with a free Whopper if you DE-FRIEND 10 people from your friend list.

As Platforms Optional notes, normally when you de-friend someone they may not even notice. Not the case with Whopper Sacrifice. Part of the application makes sure that each of the 10 friends you choose to ditch get announcements alerting them to the fact that they have been de-friended.

Brutal, bold, and frankly, pretty awesome.

Whopper Sacrifice website.

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  1. Dan Rosenfield

    Pretty interesting attention grabber for Burger King. Good example of viral marketing. Burger King has only been successful selling to relatively young males…it will be interesting to see if this campaign broadens (no pun intended) their market.

  2. Common Sense

    I got my free whopper, the coupon came really fast. Probably the best decision ever made by BK.

  3. Josh

    I think that is genuis. You get a free burger and you can defriend some people that were never really your friend in the first place.


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