I mean, doesn’t everyone? Don’t you get tired of seeing condiments dribble out of a plastic bottle all the time? BORING. Well in the same spirit as the Condiment Gun, comes a new product that can make this wish a reality: Spread Heads! Specifically, Ketchup Charlie and Mustard Marvin!

So what the heck are Spread Heads? Well, they are fun little plastic heads you can attach to the top of your condiment bottles, so that when you squezze out the condiments, it looks like they are either being vomited out of the little head’s mouth, or oozing out of its nose. Fun! And not at all gross!

The product was recently featured on Jay Leno’s “Bizarre Christmas Products” segment:

There is also a commercial on YouTube, featuring some kids, and even parents, having a little too much fun using Spread Heads:

We haven’t found that cure for cancer yet, but rest assured, you will no longer have to suffer through the indignity of putting condiments on your food without being able to see them vomited out of the mouth of a small plastic head. Sleep easy people, Spread Heads are here.

4 Responses

  1. Cary

    to be that guy, this mechanism should be two sided. thusly, i should be able to squeeze thick hot sauce out a cartoon butt tomorrow.

  2. We Are Never Full

    i think cary is on to something…

    in fact if he/she doesn’t act soon to patent that shiznitt, i’m on it! can you imagine squeezing HP Brown Sauce (it’s a Brit thing) out of one of those? awesome!


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