From the makers of Bacon Salt, comes the next development in bacon flavored condiments: Baconnaise.

Some of my most loyal readers may remember that the third post I ever wrote after launching So Good discussed the absurdity of Bacon Salt, which, at the time, I called “simultaneously both the greatest, and the worst, condiment idea in the history of mankind.” However, after finally getting to try it, I gave it a solid review and am still enjoying it to this day. What I learned in writing my review is that Dave & Justin, the creators of Bacon Salt, don’t mess around when it comes to creating the perfect bacon flavor. After having tried Bacon Salt, I have absolutely no doubt that these guys nailed the flavor with Baconnaise like they did with Bacon Salt. I can’t wait for the opportunity to try it and write a review.

The mere idea of Baconnaise is absurd on its face, so Justin & Dave aren’t pretending they’ve won a noble prize here – the launch party they have planned for Baconnaise is just as bizarre and amusing as you would expect from two guys who are obsessed with creating bacon flavored condiments. The launch party is taking place this Thursday in Seattle, and features, you guessed it: Mayonnaise wrestling.

Yes, you read that right: mayonnaise wrestling. In a ring filled with 200 gallons of mayonnaise. To help launch the product, they will be featuring:

a no-holds barred wrestling match between a giant slice of bacon and a giant jar of mayonnaise

On the undercard? The Bacon Salt intern, Matt vs. the Seattle Mudhens women’s rugby team, as well as the “Bacon Girls.”

Wow. Well played guys, well played. If you are a So Good reader living in Seattle and you DON’T go to this event and either take pictures or report back to me, consider yourself on my list.

For more info on how Baconnaise came to be, check out this article HERE.

H/T to the Bacon Salt guys, Al Dente and Slashfood.

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  1. Berry Phraner

    Oh my god! My roommate is from Texas and LOVES bacon. This would make a perfect make-up gift if ever I really mess something up! Where the heck did you first hear about this?


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