About 3 weeks ago, I wrote a post called “A Modest Proposal: Pulled Pork Cheesesteak” in which i proposed that with all the crazy food combinations out there, it was stunning that no one had made this seemingly delicious combination. My readers agreed, with 72% of those voting in the poll calling the idea “genius” and saying they’d like to try one. In fact, just a few days later, one of my readers wrote me to describe their efforts to create such a sandwich.

Well a week and a half ago, at a BBQ for my friends birthday, I finally got to try making them myself. First I delved into a huge pot of pulled pork, deliciously prepared by my friend Dave:

Next step, throw the pork on a griddle along with some sliced onions and red peppers.

As the pork, peppers and onions were cooking, I spread some olive oil on each of our rolls and threw them on the griddle to give the rolls a little toasty crisp.

(Your humble So Good writer and creator manning the griddle)

Once it’s been cooked for a few minutes and the peppers and onions have been cooked, throw some cheese on top. We tried using both cheddar and provolone, ultimately deciding that provolone worked the best:

As the cheese begins to melt, place your rolls on top so that when it comes time to take the pork off the griddle you can scoop under the pork, flip it over and stuff it into the roll.

After trying several variations (all delicious) we decided the sandwich went best with provolone cheese and some creamy horseradish spread. When the final sandwiches were complete, it was time to dig in and enjoy:

If anyone at home decides to try this themselves, either the same way I did it, or with a different approach, be sure to let me know how it turns out!

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  1. dhess

    although I enjoyed it, and yes, the prov and horseradish cream sauce made the best tasting combo, I am still having difficulty wrapping my head around the moniker of pulled pork cheesesteak. I mean, cheesesteak implies STEAK, of which pulled pork is NOT. Are there pork steaks? I don’t think so. We should more aptly call it a pulled pork cheesechop, just to be totally correct in the nomenclature. But enjoyed under any name!

  2. We Are Never Full

    ok, i’m not sure who that first commenter was, but i wonder if he/she is from philly. if so, i doubt he would ever say such blasphemous things!! 🙂

    i gotta say this looks unbelievable. pulled pork + cheese = cheesepork. ppc? pulled cheese? whatever. i’ll call it delish.

  3. JoeHoya

    Important Question: How was the pulled pork prepared? Was it pulled from a pork shoulder that had been dusted with a dry spice rub, basted in a vinegar mop, or cooked some other way?

    I feel like that has to have a significant impact on the final product and what additional flavors do or don’t work in context.

  4. Xtine

    You are either a scary giant of a human being or you are cooking on a stovetop designed to be used by runty toddlers.


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