My mind has been in overdrive since I dreamed up what may be So Good’s first truly original offering to the world of creative food combinations: a pulled pork cheese steak.

The world is filled with crazy food combinations. Burgers with Krispy Kreme donuts for buns. Deep fried Mars bars. Cherry Chocolate soda. In this day and age, almost nothing is off limits. If food item A is delicious, and food item B is delicious, someone is going to try combining the two, for better or worse. Which makes it so baffling to me that, as far as I can tell, no one has ever attempted to make or sell a pulled pork cheese steak. A quick Google search confirms this.

We have chicken cheese steaks, so why not a pulled pork cheese steak? Pulled pork is delicious, and melted cheese is delicious, so why not? I know what the haters will say, that putting cheese on pulled pork would ruin an already classic food, that cheese doesn’t go with BBQ etc. etc. Doubters, all of you.

The geniuses of the world are always called crazy until people come to understand the genius of their creations. “Hey look at me, I’m Ben Franklin, and I’m going to fly a kite and capture a magical force called electricity!” Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Turns out? Genius.

Do you not think people said the same thing about deep frying Oreos? Or using donuts as buns for a burger? That must have sounded like INSANITY the first time it was mentioned. It all sounds crazy until you make it work. And I’m telling you right now readers, a pulled pork cheese steak can WORK.

Sure, there are some kinks to work out. Like what kind of cheese? I’m thinking white cheddar, but am open to other ideas. And what else goes on it? I’m thinking just some grilled onions (coleslaw and cheese together does not sound promising). But couldn’t you also order the cheese steak “all the way” which would include baked beans and/or coleslaw ON the sandwich? I haven’t totally pinned it down.

I think one important factor, is that rather than the pulled pork coming out of a pan and being placed on the bread, it would be thrown on the grill with cheese and onions…I think a couple minutes on the grill could give the pulled pork a slight charring and maybe a little extra flavor.

That being said, I think the basic idea is about as awesome as it gets. Pulled pork is delicious. Cheese steaks are delicious…the time has come to create the world’s next great sandwich. Ladies and gentlemen, I submit, for your consideration: The Pulled Pork Cheese Steak.


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  1. William Murray

    I can get behind the pulled pork cheese steak! Back on the North Shore of MA, there’s a stretch between Revere and Cape Ann that’s known for its roast beef joints (Bill & Bob’s, Kelly’s, King’s, Sammy’s, etc). Sure, they have other things on the menu, but the roast beef sandwich is tops. And you know what the most popular version is? The super three way! (I’m not making this up.) “Super” refers to the size, while “three way” refers to the toppings: sauce, mayo, and cheese. That sounds a bit like a roast beef cheese steak to me, so I could see a pulled pork variation working!

  2. Austin

    The pulled pork cheesesteak is an abhorrence to man, an affront to nature, and antithetical to all things God intended. Stay out of Memphis.

  3. Emily

    Maybe this would go over better if you created the exact same sandwich but didn’t call it a “pulled pork cheesesteak”. I mean, then it wouldn’t offend the cheesesteak fans.

  4. JoeHoya

    “Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.”

    This has potential, but cheese and barbecue sauce are a tough combination to marry.

    My recommendation for a topping? Pickle chips. They’re a traditional barbecue accompaniment and they’d definitely go well with the overall flavor.

  5. Flash

    Eick, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head with this one. I think maybe a nice mozz could work as the cheese. As for a vegetable beside onion which is a must, I propose a “pepper slaw”: mostly bell, some cherries, poblanos, and a few jalapenos for flavor and guaranteed heartburn.

  6. Cooksey

    Hey Austin, let’s try using common vocabulary I don’t speak spanish. I think a monterey jack cheddar cheese could be an interesting choice, what do you think?

  7. michelle @ TNS

    my instinct is to say that this is an abomination which should be destroyed before it contaminates our youth. but i once had a pulled pork sandwich with cheddar on it, and it was good.

  8. Anonymous

    Someone beat you to it. A variation of what you’re talking about, but same concept and I must say it is quite amazing.

    Its called the texas taco. On a flour tortilla you place pulled pork and sauted/bbq’d onions/peppers/jalepenios and cheesy potatoes. BBQ sauce on top and you have the wonderfull lunchtime creation known as the texas taco created by Serious Texas BBQ, Durango, Co.


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