A former co-worker of mine is currently running a cool website and free daily e-mail newsletter called BeThree a daily guide for your body, mind and soul.

The site’s approach to life is:

“We believe in spicy modern living and embracing all of its quirky nuances. We know eating well and living actively are essential, but understand that sometimes chilling out and letting ourselves detox just to retox is equally as important.”

As such, there are some interesting food related/posts e-mails they have with some frequency. Every Friday, they have posts called “The Happiest Hour” which provides some interesting food related information, advice or recipes. Yesterday’s post had a yummy and healthy recipe for a Spicy Rice and Bean Skillet. I also particular enjoyed their dissection of sugar free Red Bull.

If this sounds like the type of site or e-mail newsletter that is your cup of tea, check it out at BeThree.com.

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