In the I-blinked-and-I-missed-it department, DCist reported last week that a DC-based chef has won this season of Hell’s Kitchen. While I give props to my DC folk, I think the reason I missed this news was because this summer I tried to watch Hell’s Kitchen for the first time.

When the show first began, I recorded the first four episodes and watched them all in one night. Even as the clock was rolling past midnight that evening, I felt oddly compelled to keep watching episode after episode even though I could tell I was being shoveled 100% pure crap. It’s like watching a trainwreck, you are riveted until you glance away for the first time, at which point you realize that the thought of looking at a trainwreck for so long is nauseating.

If you like food and you like seeing creativity in the kitchen, this is not the show for you. If you enjoy seeing a foul-mouthed British fellow verbally destroy the mental sanity of a group of quasi-experienced cooks while unleashing frequent 5 minute curse-infested tirades, then you might enjoy it. However, the show features cooks making the same boring dishes, with no creativity and imagination.

In short, Hell’s Kitchen is a horrible, horrible show. If any fans of the show appear in the comments to defend it, I will most likely rent a spear gun, track your IP address, and hunt you down like the filthy, uncivilized wild animal that you are.

What show does So Good prefer? Well Top Chef, of course. Perhaps the best cooking reality show ever produced.


I didn’t mention it last week, but expect some post-show analysis for the first time this week. For the other Top Chef fans out there, check out Blogging Top Chef for more analysis of the show.

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