In what the Top Chef website is calling “one of the biggest upsets of the season,” self-taught Chef Tre Wilcox, from Texas, was eliminated on Wednesday night.


Early on, Tre seemed to be one of the most skilled chefs, taking victories in early challenges and seemingly always finishing near the top when he wasn’t winning.

In this viewer’s opinion, Sara, Dale and Howie are far inferior chefs to Tre, but at this point in the competition, teamwork is the name of the game, and Tre’s team just couldn’t get it done. Also, when the judges referred to his salmon dish as “disgusting,” you had to figure he was in trouble. A Top Chef might miss the mark from time to time, but “disgusting” should not be a thought on eaters minds.

So Good is rooting for Brian or CJ to win it all:


But for some reason I’m really rooting for Casey to stay in the competition as long as possible…hmmmm, I wonder why I’d want that?


Next week Bravo is re-running a Season 1 vs. Season 2 chef battle. Booooooring. Seriously, WTF Bravo? Re-runs in the middle of your season? Let’s have a 24-style non-stop season of Top Chef, I don’t need a one-week break. Guess that means I’ll be back in two weeks for my review of the next new episode. Until then, fellow Top Chef lovers.

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