It looks like the fervor over the Papa John’s “Crybaby” t-shirts has reached both Craigs List and ebay.

There appear to be at least 3 postings on the Washington, DC craigslist site requesting one of the shirts if anyone has one they are willing to sell.  Additionally, there appear to be one or two dozen shirts posted on ebay right now.  However, it appears that all of the shirts are being sold by a company called the Urban Soldier Clothing Company.  The “item location” is listed as being from Los Angeles, CA, which leads me to believe these aren’t original shirts from the game this past Friday, but rather reprints being made by an enterprising businessman.

How can one confirm if a shirt put up for sale is an original, “from the game” t-shirts? If there is a way to confirm that, how much money do people think one of those shirts ultimately sell for?

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