The other day, I came across an issue of Beverage Digest which outlined the volume of sales and market share for all sodas during 2007 (American sales only). After talking with the publisher, I obtained permission to share some of this information with my readers.

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This data is surprisingly difficult to find online, but I believe it to be the kind of information that my readers, and consumers in general, are interested to know. The following list takes into account sales information from all sources, retail, fountain and vending. It includes soda and energy drinks, but does not include bottled water, sports drinks or bottled tea.

The number listed after each soda represents the 2007 market share for that soda. So, for example, 17.2% of all soda’s sold in America last year were regular Coca-Cola.

The Top Ten Best Selling Sodas of 2007

1. Coke Classic 17.2%
2. Pepsi Cola 10.7%
3. Diet Coke 10%
4. Mountain Dew 6.6.%
5. Diet Pepsi 6%
6. Dr. Pepper 5.9%
7. Sprite 5.6%
8. Fanta 1.8%
9. Diet Mountain Dew 1.6%
10. Diet Dr. Pepper 1.6%

Coke Zero failed to crack the top ten, but its sales are growing at a rapid pace. I’d expect to see it in the Top 10 by the end of 2008.

Hey, maybe I’m just a soda/food/Top Ten geek, but I find this stuff fascinating.

So what do you think So Good readers? Do any sodas on this list surprise you? Any that you are shocked didn’t make the list?

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  1. looj

    yeah fanta’s inclusion seemed surprising. i thought redbull might be in there, but i guess people can only drink so many energy drinks. plus that market is increasingly fragmented.

  2. Youppi

    you go, Mountain Dew!

    poor, poor Sprite… I actually prefer 7up, which i was saddened to see didn’t even make top 10. I guess that pomegranate 7up didn’t help…

  3. Eick

    I was wondering the same thing about Fanta. I’d have to assume that it includes all Fanta flavors, because, for example, Sunkist Orange soda isn’t on the list, and according to Wikipedia, it’s still the best selling orange soda.

    That being said, Fanta orange is the strongest competitor to Sunkist, and Coke owns Fanta now, so its sales numbers are probably growing.

  4. dj

    I’m surprised that Mt. Dew is so high and that Sierra Mist isn’t on the list. I’m constantly forced to drink SM because nobody has 7Up anymore. 🙁

  5. jarted

    i think dr pepper should be 2 or first,although im being selfish to dr pepper, I LOVE IT

  6. Marecki

    I am not a soda drinker, but I do fancy Fresca. How did that fair on the overall list?

    As for Fanta, I will drink it as long as it is imported from Europe where it has a very subtle and pleasant taste, unlike the American version where it tastes like Sunkist and Slice, over-sweetened and artificial.

  7. Jordann

    I prefer Mountain Dew out of everything.
    I can’t believe that a diet drink beat it.

    Oh and Dr. Pepper is gross.

  8. berto

    i cant believe 7up or sierra mist didnt crack the top ten.. especially sierra mist… i think that cranberry mist is amazing… what i wonder is what position did anybodys rootbeer did???

  9. Johnny

    I am a Coke Zero fiend, it is all I drink unless I’m somewhere that doesn’t have it, in which case I drink whatever Diet soda they have – I like Diet Coke next best.

    Coke Zero should not only make the top 10, but even the top 5, sometime soon.

  10. Xenomorph

    Awesome! Nice to see Dr. pepper on the list. It’s a shame a lot of people haven’t discovered how good it really is, even all the special flavors. Took me a while, several tastes, now I absolutely love the stuff and everything else sucks. Pepsi and Coke, totally gross! 😉

  11. call me,Pepper...DR. Pepper... };)

    eh…I’d say Dr. Pepper is great, ain’t it great…ummmm…..tasty…..

  12. Reilly

    @Mario Lopez
    I was wondering the same thing! I live in North Carolina and Cheerwine is really big out here.
    Although i have lived in 3 other states (maryland, Illinois, New Jersey) and none of them even knew what cheer wine was. it isnt as big of a soda as the world known sodas are.

  13. Vance

    Clearly, drinking soda of any kind has no positive effect on the spelling, punctuation or grammatical skills of soda fans. I draw from the comments on this website that if American progress and ingenuity depended on our collective command of English, we would be Haiti.

    Maybe consuming pop actually promotes illiteracy.

  14. Tom

    I can’t believe that many people actually buy coke! It’s like drinking fizzy syrup!

  15. Sanford

    Always & Forever, I only buy RC Cola.
    The First
    The Original
    & still the best, Cola.
    1885 it went on sale
    Made by 7-UP


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