From Junk Food Blog. For all you pomegranate lovers out there, it appears it has made the jump to a flavor by a major, mainstream soda company (Nantucket Nectar’s and those type drinks have been all over Pomegranate drinks for a while now).


I wonder how popular it will prove to be?

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  1. chilly77

    I think it’s a good idea to bring the hot Pom flavor to mainstream soda, but most folks going after said hot Pom flavor are healthy folk who don’t want all those empty sugary calories. They should make Diet Pom 7Up and then sales would sour. I mean soar. Bwah.

  2. ZachP

    Hey, 7Up! 2005 called. They want their flavor back.

    Oooh, what’s next, 7Up? Blueberry?!

    Get with it. Everybody knows that Meyer lemon is the new lychee, which was ALREADY the new beet, which was ALREADY the new pomegranate.


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