Over the past week I have been gathering data to provide a comprehensive statistical analysis of the Whopper Freakout campaign. My goal: ascertain what level of success it has had.


My original post about the Whopper Freakout campaign has been one of the most popular posts I’ve ever had, and is the number 3 result on a Google search for “Whopper Freakout.” In the comments of my post, a number of individuals argued that they hated the ads and therefore the campaign was a dud. Well rather than rely on anecdotal evidence, I set out to show statistically just how successful the campaign has been.

I have spoken with folks at the Burger King corporate HQ, as well as folks at their advertising agency that designed the campaign, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. I have obtained information about video views, advertising strategy and website traffic. This, combined with my own research on the viral nature of the video, will help paint a clear picture of just how successful this campaign has been. Please come back and visit So Good on Friday for my full analysis of the Whopper Freakout campaign.

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