Launch PR, the blog of Schneider Associates, has released their Sixth Annual Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey. The survey is relatively straight-forward, asking consumers what new product launch of 2007 they were most aware of.

Obviously the reason I’m writing about this is because a food product must have made the list, and in fact, 4 did. Domino’s Oreo Dessert Pizza (#4), Oreo Cakesters (#6), Diet Coke Plus (#7) and Subway Fresh Fit Meals (#8). Here is the full top ten list (the number in parentheses indicates the percentage of individuals who named that new product as the most memorable of the year):

1.) Apple iPhoneTM (37 percent)

2.) Microsoft Windows Vista® (26 percent)

3.) Febreze® Candles (14 percent)

4.) Domino’s Oreo® Dessert Pizza (10 percent)

5.) alliTM Weight Loss Capsules (10 percent)

6.) Oreo® Cakesters (10 percent)

7.) Diet Coke PlusTM (9 percent)

8.) Subway Fresh FitTM Meals (8 percent)

9.) Motorola Razr2TM (8 percent)

10.) Listerine Whitening® Quick Dissolving Strips (7 percent)

No surprise that the iPhone tops the list, although the food products that made the list are relatively interesting. I have yet to meet anyone who thinks the Domino’s Oreo dessert pizza is anything but revolting, but the survey doesn’t ask if people like the products, merely if it was memorable. There is no doubt that when the Oreo pizza was released, it generated a lot of buzz and speculation about whether it would be truly awful, or just moderately gross. Clearly a successful year for Oreo, snagging two of the top 10 products on the list.

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