For me, there is nothing better than starting your day with healthy, delicious and creamy breakfast smoothie. The ingredient combinations for smoothies are endless. But I’m a chocoholic and want to start most of my days with breakfast smoothie that tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

 How do you make perfect breakfast smoothie?

Before I share with you my favorite smoothie recipe, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Your breakfast smoothie need to be well balanced. It’s easy to get carried away and add ingredients that turn your smoothie into a high calorie bomb. Also you need to think about portions size. Good breakfast smoothie needs to be moderate in calories, but high in nutrients. You don’t want to feel tired or struggle with food craving. So, if you want your smoothie to substitute your breakfast, you need to add some proteins, carbs and fibers and don’t forget to add some fats.

If you want to experiment and don’t want to use a strict recipe, follow these simple guidelines.

First you need to choose a liquid
You can use juices, tea, milk or a dairy-free alternatives, water…
Be careful with juices. They can be high in sugar. And don’t forget to add liquid to your blender before adding the rest of ingredients as this will prevent the blender blade from getting stuck.

chooseing liquid

Add some carbs and fibers
Fruits are great sources of carbs. You can use fresh or frozen fruits. Frozen fruits is more recommended because in that case you won’t add ice and your smoothie isn’t going to be diluted. You can freeze your own fruits or buy frozen ones. Frozen banana is always a good choice. Banana makes your smoothie rich and creamy. Also, oats are great sources of fibers.

adding fruits and oats

Add some proteins
You can add cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, silken tofu or nut butter. Proteins are important because they will keep you full longer.
Don’t forget to add some fats
Coconut oil, nuts, flax seeds or chia seeds are the great choices. 

And in the end, spice up your smoothie with a little kick of cinnamon and vanilla seeds or pure vanilla extract. Or add a little amount of cocoa nibs for some crunchy texture and some extra antioxidant.

adding proteins and fats

Preparation is simple. Just throw your favorite ingredients in a blender, pour into a glass, and enjoy!

preparing breakfast smoothie


In a minute you ‘ll have your own favorite smoothie and great energy and nutrition before you even leave for work.

But if you are more of a recipe person, try the one below.  As you can see, it so easy to make. 

banana cacao smoothie

Chocolate and banana go so well together. Not only are you getting your daily dosage of potassium and antioxidants, but you’re also getting a great creamy smoothie that will satisfy your sweet tooth. It tastes spectacularly and can best be described as a liquid version of chocolate banana bread. There is no added sugar in this smoothie and the sweetness in this shake is coming from the banana, so the riper your banana is, the sweeter your shake will be.   This smoothie is guilt-free and good for you! And it’s gluten free too. This chocolate banana smoothie can also be great post-workout smoothie. For vegan version just substitute the milk for almond or hazelnut milk and enjoy.
So if you want a creamy, delicious , chocolatey smothie treat try this recipe. You won’t regret it, I promise.


Banana chocolate smoothie
Serves 1
Delicious breakfast smoothies to start your day
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 1 large banana, frozen
  2. 2 tbsp rolled oats
  3. 2 tbsp ground flax seeds
  4. ½ tbsp cocoa powder
  5. 1/8 tsp cinnamon
  6. 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
  7. 1 cup milk
  8. 1 tsp raw cocoa nibs (optinal)
  1. Place the milk, banana and oats in a blender and blend until smooth. Add the cocoa powder, flax seeds , cinnamon, vanilla and pulse a couple of times until combined. Pour into a glass. Sprinkle with coconut nibs if using and serve immediately.
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