Would You Rather Wednesdays continue. Last year on Halloween we noted two of the foulest, most disgusting candies to grace the holiday of Halloween, and asked, would you rather eat 5 lbs of candy corn or 5 lbs of Necco Wafers? This year, we reprise that question with two equally awful candies: Dots and flavored Tootsie Rolls.

Option #1: Eat 5 lbs of Dots.

Option #2: Eat 5 lbs of flavored Tootise Rolls

Please share in the comments why you answered the way you did.

Which Option Would You Choose?

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7 Responses

  1. technicoloryawntapes@gmail.com'
    Technicolor Yawn

    Have you actually tasted the Vanilla Tootsie Rolls? Those things are magical!

  2. aem8770@aol.com'

    I bought of these things for myself this Halloween season. Dots are fantastic and the flavored Tootsies? Amazing. Plus so good when you mix one cherry with one vanilla – cherry cream or one orange and one vanilla – orange cream. BTW, I buy them in a bag together that comes with Tootsie pops and chocolate tootsies.


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