It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Would You Rather time. Today we test the fortitude of your stomach against two of the nastiest Halloween candies known to man. Here is the scenario: you are locked in a windowless room with nothing but a case of bottled water and a toilet. You cannot leave until you complete one of the following tasks:

Option #1: Eat 5 pounds of candy corn

Option #2: Eat 5 pounds of Necco wafers.


Share in the comments why you made the choice you did.

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17 Responses

  1. Mark

    I am pretty sure either option would kill you. All of the Necco Wafer shards would shred your intestines like a pane of safety glass. That much Candy corn would never leave your stomach, it would just continue to attract all other things you ate until your stomach burst open like a seagull with an alka seltzer

  2. James

    I dont know about other people but I actually like candy corn. I buy 4 bags every year to eat for about 4 months.

  3. Cyndy

    It’s kind of difficult to eat Neccos quickly and they seem light in weight relative to their size, plus I really don’t like them at all, so Candy Corn is an easy call for me. I’d probably even enjoy the first bag of them.

    And I know this isn’t a choice but can you imagine having to eat five pounds of Peeps? Even though I like them, it would take forEVER to get through five pounds of them.

  4. marcin

    I think it’s a matter of moisture. Necco is dry like sand, while the corn at least is a little wet. Eating 5 lbs of anything would be an endurance trial, but the idea of my chapped mouth coughing out wafer dust is the least appealing.

  5. Cynthia

    Candy corn is just one flavor, whereas Necco wafers at least have some variety. And the Candy Corn just seems like it would sit in your stomach forever like a rock.
    Necco wafers for me.

  6. Alana

    I had to vote Necco wafers because I’m allergic to the soy protein in candy corn (it’s in there – look at the ingredients). But I hate Necco wafers.

  7. julia

    Dude I love candycorn. Mellocreme Pumpkins? Even tooth-achingly sweeter/better!
    Bringgg ittt.
    Necco Wafers can fuck off and dieeeee. That. is. not. candy.

  8. Echo710

    This is an easy one. I actually like candy corn. Necco wafers, on the other hand… I’m not entirely convinced that those are food.

  9. Kevin

    I love candy corn, shit I can eat it all day. Fuck the wafers they suck big donkey balls.

  10. Kat

    I would become incredibly sick, but candy corn all the way… The necco wafers are just a waste in the “candy” line up, more appropriate for after-dinner “mints.”

  11. kp

    Yes, I’m an ‘older person’ and believe it or not Neccos are one of my favorite candies. I also like pink Canada mints, black licorice allsorts (No red vines!), candy cigarettes, peanut butter bars and even those fake marshmallow ice cream cones. Brachs Bunny Basket Eggs are an Easter favorite. But I hate lots of modern candies such as Kit kats.


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