Last week, So Good wrote about the news that leaked about a new Oreo product being released this summer, the Triple Double Oreo. Then, early this week, So Good got an intriguing e-mail from a PR firm representing Oreo. So Good was one of three blogs selected to receive a package of Triple Double Oreos for a special sneak peek. Was I interested they asked? Naturally the answer was yes, and not just because Oreo won our month-long, 64 contender Snack Madness vote. Who wouldn’t want to try a product that isn’t being released until August? Yesterday morning I opened a package to discover this letter on top:

Sweeeeet. Thanks Oreo! For those who haven’t seen the initial images that were leaked, here is what the package looks like:

Fun. As you can see, the Triple Double Oreo contains three cookies, a layer of vanilla creme and a layer of chocolate creme. More on that later. I did the responsible thing and waited until after lunch to open the package:

The color, shape, texture etc. is all exactly the same as a normal Oreo, they’ve just stacked two of them together:

Here’s a shot of a “deconstructed” Triple Double Oreo:

So what does it taste like? It tastes like an Oreo. Exactly like every other Oreo you have ever eaten. There is nothing different about it. The chocolate creme makes no impact on the taste, as it’s lost under the flavor of three Oreo cookies and one layer of vanilla creme. In fact, they didn’t even manufacturer a new “middle” cookie with no logo on either side. As you can see from the photo above, the chocolate creme has an Oreo logo imprinted on it. That’s because the side of the cookie that was on top of that has the traditional Oreo logo you usually see on the outside of a cookie.

If you are expecting something with an entirely new taste, don’t, you will be disappointed. If you like lots of creme, don’t get this Oreo. Sure the cookie to creme ratio has dropped from 2-to-1 to 3-to-2 so you technically get more creme per bite then a regular Oreo, but if you love your creme, stick to the Double Stuff. No, there is nothing about this new cookie that tastes different or is really all that unique. But in the age of the Double Down, companies like Oreo have obviously figured out that simply making something bigger, uniquer and slightly different can get food bloggers buzzing.

8 Responses

  1. Jay

    Thanks for the review. I was wondering if the chocolate creme would be noticeable. Based on your review, I’ll stick with double stuff.

  2. JT

    They are clearly hedging their bets by not making an unbranded middle cookie. No sense in going down that road until they have a proven winner.

  3. Kali

    Hmm. I’d rather the creme be all vanilla instead of having a chocolate layer. I am disappoint, Oreo.

  4. Sam

    “The rumors are true…Oreo has changed the game when it comes to how you twist, lick and dunk…”

    I love the manufactured enthusiasm here. From the sounds of it, my Oreo-dunking game is going to remain stable for now.

  5. sam abernethy

    why waste that third cookie inthe middle ? how about a slim line of oreo cookies for the carb concious , still with double stuff . maybe seasonal offerings of filling such as banana , key lime , cherry , mocha ,etc . why not just consult me before doing anything !

  6. Keith

    My excitement for this Oreo has gone down about 75% since it’s not two layers of Double Stuf cream. I think I’ll just make my own Triple Double – Double Stuf Oreos this weekend.


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