In keeping with the recent So Good sandwich spread theme, I noticed that Miracle Whip was taking an interactive approach in their current marketing efforts.   On their branded YouTube page, they ask visitors to “Love us” or “Hate us,” and add their comments.  I initially thought this was a pretty risky move, because what if the Haters outnumbered the Lovers by 1,000-1?  That would not look so good.  But after some consideration, the people visiting this page are most likely brand loyalists that will have something favorable to say.  Why would a Hellman’s devotee like me bother stopping by?  That said, at current standing, the Lovers outnumber the Haters 11,522 to 669, which remains pretty shocking since Miracle Whip is the devil incarnate and has no place within 50 feet of any worthwhile sandwich.  This just in: Haters up to 670.

Best part of the video above (which is actually pretty good)?  “Miracle Whip tastes like disappointment.”

Readers… what do you think —  Good campaign? Terrible spread? Visa versa?

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8 Responses

  1. Mark

    I will try to recruit as many haters as I can. Miracle whip has no place on this planet.

    Good campaign though. It will certainly increase brand loyalty amongst those people that love it. Nothing strengthens a group like making them feel like a persecuted minority.

  2. suicide_blond

    at the risk of your wrath…i love the stuff..mostly cause my mom DID NOT use it…and my friend lori’s (the perfect friend who always had the right clothes & perfect read: not embarrassing family) mom used it… and i could never figure out why her moms sandwiches tasted tangier than my moms…the day i realized it was MW… i never went back to reg mayo…but for some reason…i never told my mom…
    …..good campaign…
    and thanks for the psycho therapy session i just had there…wow…

  3. Cynthia

    I hate Miracle Whip, but it was a good campaign idea because now they can spout off the “Like/Hate” numbers without anybody (besides you) taking the time to figure out that, mostly, only likers will show up a the site anyway….

  4. Miracle Whip

    We know you hate Miracle Whip and most of your readers probably do, too…and we understand. But there’s a problem. The Haters are losing on (12,000 votes to a mere 800). How about getting your readers over to the site to give it to Miracle Whip straight by declaring their hate for the condiment for the world to see? You did, so now it’s their chance. Bash us, and bash us good. Don’t let the Lovers prevail.

    Miracle Whip

  5. Annatagonist

    I’m a long time Miracle Whip hater and I’ve gotta say- these commercials actually make me want to give it another try. I don’t think I can bear to be at odds with Amy Sedaris.

  6. Eick

    I love this campaign. It’s really refreshing for a company to admit not everyone is crazy for its product. Makes you wonder what it is about miracle whip that people like. I haven’t given it a passing thought for years and years but might have to pick up a small jar next time I go shopping.

  7. Paul

    Miracle whip may not be first choice; but, it does serve a purpose. A great addition to slaws, potato & pasta salads, deviled eggs, etc…


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