Time for a new Would You Rather. Today’s pairing might seem a little odd. I mean, you put mayo and whipped cream on totally different types of foods. But they are both creamy, fluffy white substances that are used as condiments or to enhance another dish.

Option #1: You can never eat mayonnaise again.

Option #2: You can never eat whipped cream again.


Things to consider: cake/pie toppings, ice cream sundaes, strawberries, whippet hits. Flavored dipping mayo for fries, fancy sauces or spreads at restaurants that are mayo based, sandwiches etc.

There is no easy out on this: yes, cool whip counts as whipped cream and miracle whip counts as mayo. No cheating on this one.

So Good readers, if you could only keep one of these two foods in your life, which would it be?

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Whipped cream photo via Wasabimon.


11 Responses

  1. Megan

    BUH. I can’t vote for both? These might be the two single things I absolutely despise on this planet (food-wise). I think I need texture therapy if I can ever learn to enjoy them…

  2. Kath

    This was a tough one. I like both equally and could come up with legitimate substitutions for both, would I have to give up one.

  3. lynnj

    Have to hold on to the mayo because a BLT is a necessity; as is cole slaw, chicken salad, potato salad, club sandwich. Whipped cream is wonderful, but, to me an extravagance.

  4. Anon

    Both are horrible and I can live without either. But if I had to choose I would get rid of Mayo first.

  5. Shannon

    It’s easy to give up something you rarely eat. Whipped cream can go. I eat mayo on sandwiches and burgers far more frequently than anything with whipped cream.

  6. Tj

    Mayo is the most repulsive thing on the planet. I don’t even care that some people like the bird shit, it’s disgusting and there is no argument about that. Some people just like stuff that makes them fat, throw up more often (or just feel very sick often). It looks bad. It even tastes bad! My family likes it and I think it’s weird and can’t stand that they like it. They say it is the greatest thing ever (food wise)! They also say everyone likes it. My ugly sister says all her friends like it, but sadly for her we go to the same school and since I am very popular at my school I know every kid there and have talked to every single one of them. I have also asked them if they like mayonnaise. Every kid in the school including my sisters friends hated mayonnaise so much. A few people might have been lying to me because they know that anyone who likes mayonnaise has a brain problem. So, mayonnaise is definitely gonna go. Onto whipped cream. It’s f***ing good. I don’t know where you guys get yours but it must really taste like a pile of dog s*** because whipped cream is usually so good. So yea, anyone who thinks it’s normal to eat mayonnaise even if it’s just on a sandwich f*** you. The people who hate whipped cream, that sucks. But I’m not gonna say f you because it’s not as bad as liking mayonnaise. For the people who hate whipped cream and actually eat the F***ING BIRD SH** THAT IS MAYONNAISE, GO TO F***ING HELL AND THE DOCTOR ON YOUR WAY THERE BECAUSE YOUR TASTE BUDS ARE MESSED UP!!!! -Tj 🙂


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