Today’s Would You Rather is all about nuts. Nuts, nuts, nuts.

In the past we’ve asked you whether you would sacrifice nuts or berries for the rest of your life if forced to choose, and 2/3rds of opted to ditch the nuts in order to keep the berries.

But what if you could still eat as many nuts as you wanted, you simply had your choices severely limited? What if you were forced to choose three different types of nuts, and those were the only nuts  you could eat for the rest of your life?  Which nuts would you rather keep in your life? Which would you rather live without? Choose wisely and let us know in the comments the logic behind your choices, or if you chose the “Other” option, be sure to share which nut not on the list would make yours.

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6 Responses

  1. Eick

    ^ Ugh, there’s one in every comment thread. Yes, technically peanuts are legumes, just like tomatoes are a fruit. But this ain’t a food dictionary, it’s real eating by real people. In the world of how people actually eat things, tomatoes are vegetables and peanuts are nut.

  2. Brian

    I had to choose almonds and peanuts, without them I would never be able to enjoy my favorite candies again.

    The third choice was difficult. I love plain cashews. That has to be my favorite nut to eat on its own but that’s the only time I ever eat it.

    Walnuts are good mixed it with many things, but I really dislike them on their own.

    My third choice was pecans. They’re pretty tasty on their own and the main component of one of mans greatest culinary feats: the pecan pie.


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