For the last 6 months I have made a shockingly awful decision. Would You Rather? questions were one of the staples of So Good when it first started, and I have allowed the tradition to disappear. Well today, it’s back, and hopefully as a once-a-week feature. For those of you new to the fun, you can click the big green Would You Rather? button at the top of the page to read previous questions.

In the past we have dealt with subjects such as beer vs. red meat and apples vs. oranges. Today, we bring up two foods that our hunter/gatherer decedents relied heavily on for sustenance .

Would You Rather?

Option #1: You can never eat nuts again.

Option #2: You can never eat berries again.

This includes berries and nuts in any form – as long as real nuts or real berries are used in making or flavoring it, you can’t eat it. Things to consider: pies, ice cream flavors, peanut butter, jam/jelly, trail mix, breakfast cereal, candy bars with nuts and soda flavors.

And please, weigh in. Why did you vote the way you did? Any compelling reason others might not be thinking of?

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13 Responses

  1. Youppi

    this is a tough one. though I probably would miss the nuts now, in the long run, I think I would jones harder over the berries. I mean, when I’m older, I want to eat jelly and jam, pie, and berries in general. I might not even be able to eat nuts when I’m older, but it’s a jones that I couldn’t eat peanut butter, snickers, or plain old peanuts at a ballgame…

  2. Calexander13

    You’ve got to be kidding me. This is even hard for people? As Youppi points out, most people eat berries in desserts and jellies. Berries and fruit are the ANTITHESIS of dessert foods. They’re good for you! What kind of guilt sets in when eating strawberries! None!

    There are a ton of different kinds of nuts, grown all over the world. One could make the same argument for berries, but they suck, so what’s the point? You can call me Senor Savory.

    All you berry lovers are deluded!

  3. LivitLuvit

    I’m kind of cheating, since I don’t like nuts. But I think even if I did, definitely berries 100%. Raspberries are about one of my favorite things in the world, especially with real vanilla bean ice cream… mmmmmmm…..

  4. Dustin

    Give up the berries for one reason- You can walk into almost anyplace and get a berry-free meal… try it with nuts and it’s a whole different story… you can’t even order a salad without traces of peanut at Chick-Fil-A for instance.

  5. Kristina

    I could never give up nuts!! I’m not a dessert eater, so I could easily give that up and I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate jelly. But I have this new addiction. Blue Diamond makes these Jalepeno Smokehouse almonds and I love love love them!

  6. Abi

    You are a cruel, cruel man. I’m not sure I can decide on this one. Most of them are relatively easy, but this is basically a ban on PB&J. I can’t stand for that.

  7. Hillary

    This one is so freaking hard! Ordinarily I’d say I’d easily give up nuts and keep berries, but…I just had an amazing stir fry that was only amazing because it was swarming with all sorts of nuts…Gah.

    How about I say I’d give up berries for the fall? 🙂

  8. WWB

    Despite having peanut butter toast for breakfast this morning, I recently had an excellent blueberry pie, which frankly did taste better.

  9. Jeff

    Having been given this question in a vacuum, I’m assuming we’re back in the hunter/gatherer days of yore.

    I’d say the potential for nuts causing things like Colitis, if I were living in the state of nature I’d give up nuts.

    Both are delicious, one is indigestible. One also can cause serious digestive problems down the road. Thus spake Jeff.

  10. Angie

    This is tough. I love nuts in nearly any kind of food. But if I absolutely have to choose – fruit is going to win for the long haul.

  11. Cattie

    I picked nuts (lose the berries). It was tough, but this way, I can still have peanut butter and GRAPE jelly sandwiches, lol, and artificially flavored berry stuff.

  12. Dajour Williams

    People worried about losing Peanut Butter I being silly it says REAL nuts or Berries. Last time I check peanuts are not REAL nuts, they any really nuts at all. But besides that, I still ditch berries, because I can’t remember the last time I ate one.


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