Earlier this year, Subway unveiled a new breakfast menu across more than 25,000 stores featuring 5 different breakfast sandwiches. With the recent addition of the new “Sunrise Subway Melt” the menu now features 6 breakfast sandwiches, which, like regular Subway sandwiches, you can customize with dozens of different condiments and toppings.

A few days ago, to help promote the new breakfast menu, Subway announced that for a limited time it was extending its $5 footlong deal to include breakfast sandwiches.  Subway has gotten a lot of mileage, press, good buzz and most importantly, increased sales out of its $5 footlong deals.  But this latest offer begs a question that must be asked: A footlong breakfast sandwich? Really? Who eats a footlong sandwich at breakfast?

Now if you’re anything like me, morning is a time of struggle and grumpiness. Often times I don’t eat any breakfast or I simply drink a giant bottle of Gatorade. When I’m trying to eat healthier I push myself to eat breakfast, usually opting for cereal with berries, oatmeal or yogurt and granola. But don’t get me wrong, I love a good, greasy breakfast sandwich with egg and either sausage or bacon, especially when I’m hungover.  But breakfast sandwiches are typically served on bagels or english muffins, and those round shaped bread choices are inherently self-limiting in terms of the size your sandwich can actually be. Frankly, it’s the perfect size, always providing just the right amount of sustenance for your aching morning stomach.

Now I’m actually a fan of Subway. It was my first real job as a kid, and after a few years of working there, I know that if they are well-run and receive fresh produce everyday, you can get a pretty high quality sandwich. Yes the deli meat they use is pretty budget, but the meatballs and chicken breast are tasty, the bread is baked in store and even with mediocre meat, a mound of fresh veggies can go a long way.  Maybe it’s because my appetite has slowed as I get older, or maybe it’s because I load my sandwiches with every veggie possible, but even when I’m really hungry for lunch or dinner, a 6-inch sub and some chips will suffice. I can almost never eat a full footlong in one sitting, usually saving the other half for the next day.  But keep in mind, this is for LUNCH or DINNER.

A footlong sandwich for breakfast? Ugh. A six-inch sub is already slightly bigger than your average breakfast sandwich. That’s a lot of egg and meat and cheese.  Can you really imagine sitting down at your desk at 8:30 am and just crushing an entire FOOT of greasy breakfast meat? Who are you? Why did you skip dinner last night? Why do you have a death wish? Why are you capable of eating so close to the hour you emerged from your bed? What is your DEAL?

So Good readers – any thoughts on the new Subway breakfast menu for those who have tried it? Any opinions on eating a full footlong sandwich for breakfast? Could you do it? Would you want to? Do breakfast sandwiches even keep well in the fridge? Do you think you could go back for the other half later in the day?

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6 Responses

  1. Cameron

    I *love* breakfast and breakfast food. That said, there’s no way I could eat a footlong at breakfast, even though I regularly chow down on two to three cups of Frosted Mini-Wheats most days.

    But to be fair, I can’t/don’t eat a footlong at the other meals, either. I either split it with someone or save half for later.

  2. Mark

    I just posed this same question to my roommates. While one of them like me said no, the other said “Well, probably not on a normal day but then I can have a bacon&egg sandwich for breakfast and lunch.”

  3. Tamara

    I actually tried this once. And failed. I got their loaded sandwich too. But then again i work nights, so it was my dinner. I made it through about 3/4 of the footlong and admitted defeat.

    I am big on breakfast personally. Typical day, I usually eat breakfast about 3 times (yogurt, then eggs awhile later, then maybe bacon or banana bread or something) to kind of rev up my metabolism for the day….and because its delicious.

    I HOPE the foot long breakfast sandwiches are either to split, or to eat as a “breakfast for dinner.”


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