A friend recently directed me to an article in the New York Post, which describes a dinner celebration in Las Vegas, where arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was enjoying his victory over “Sugar” Shane Mosley on May 1.  Here’s where the story gets interesting:

“When they were served their well-done steaks, Mayweather’s brother asked if the restaurant had any A.1. The server said no, but a bottle of A.1. was instantly produced from Floyd’s ‘cash bag,’ a tote the boxer uses to carry US currency that he ‘rains’ on crowds at nightclubs.”

Now I don’t have to tell the well-educated readers of So Good that anyone who orders a well-done steak at a nice restaurant should really not be allowed out in public; that’s obvious.  What’s equally curious, but far more compelling, is that Mayweather carries around a bag-o-cash to throw out onto the “little people” that he comes across at nightclubs.  Reminds me of Brewster’s Millions… incredible. 

However, the craziest part of this whole description is that the clearly eccentric boxer (think Howard Hughes with abs and fewer bottles of urine) apparently cannot live without his A.1.  For goodness sake, he carries it with him wherever he goes, along with his rain-making kit.  I have heard of some wackos bringing hot sauce with them to restaurants, but steak sauce?  How much meat are you planning on eating?  And it’s not like this condiment works with a wide range of food.  But then again, maybe I am missing out – A.1. on salad, A.1. on shrimp cocktail, heck, A.1. on my chocolate volcano.  Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it, and certainly don’t knock it around Mayweather – that is, until after the rain blows through.

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  1. rossitron

    Making it ‘rain’ A-1 on a well-done steak might be the only way that tough piece of meat would enter my mouth.

    That sounds so wrong.

  2. Jesse

    A-1 on french fries!!! Seriously, it’s that good. A-1 on steak? Not so much – good on a burger tho’


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