Stephen Strasburg mania has hit the entire baseball world and hit Washington, DC even harder. For those not in the know, Stephen Strasburg is a rookie pitcher widely regarded as the best “can’t miss” prospect of the past 50 years. Last night he made his major league debut and did not disappoint, striking out 14 batters in 7 innings and winning his first game in the bigs.

So now that we are one-game into his career it’s time to reflect on what this young man means to the game of…uh no it’s not.  It’s time to name a burger after this dude!  You know attention-hungry restaurant owners just looooove naming burgers after celebrities. Heck, Spike of Top Chef fame and owner of Good Stuff Eatery was just on The View promoting his Obama burger.  So when your last name is “Strasburg” you are just a tiny little “ER” away from creating – dun, dun, dun, dun! The Strasburger!

DC Sports Bog counts 4 different iterations of the Strasburger so far in DC, but the one that seems to be getting the most attention is the version from BGR The Burger Joint:

Photo via DCist

So what is a Strasburger from BGR?

A hot dog atop a burger smothered in aged Vermont cheddar…the hot dog, symbolizing his professional debut on the Phoenix Desert Dogs in 2009, will be topped with “Syracuse Orange” aged Vermont cheddar, representing his promotion to the Triple A- Syracuse Chiefs in May 2010, and placed on top of the iconic BGR burger patty, signifying his current home on the Nationals.

Additionally, BGR announced they would add one pickle to the burger for each strikeout Strasburg got in his debut, which means this bad boy is now being topped with FOURTEEN pickles.  If you are a pickle hater you probably just threw up a little in your mouth, but for pickle lovers this is a triumph of monumental proportions, as no regular burger place is ever going to serve you a burger with that many pickles on it.

DCist reviewed the burger today, and comments on the hot dog/extreme number of pickles combo:

The burger patty itself was juicy and cooked to a nice medium pink, but between the insane number of pickles and the hot dog, I could barely taste the beef. The Strasburger also suffers from structural integrity issues thanks to that tall stack of toppings

I’ve never been to BGR, and I’m  not inclined to try this burger since I don’t want it to be the sole arbiter of whether or not I love or hate BGR. I mean I like pickles, but I generally dislike hot dogs.  Plus at $10.99, I’m not a fan of the price (for those pointing out that $1 of each Strasburger sale goes to charity – that’s swell.  But it still costs me $10.99 right? It does? Great).

If any So Good readers get to try a Strasburger, head on back to this post and let us know how it is.

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