This is incredible.  You may have remembered our little piece on Jones Soda’s Dungeons & Dragons special edition.  Well, the noble warriors at ThinkGeek have already gone to the next level and created energy drinks called Healing Potions.

The bottles are key.  If anyone played any classic Final Fantasy/Legend of Zelda role-playing games growing up (or still do while “building spreadsheets” at work), one is familiar with the bottles the potions are held in.  Well, let a nerd tell you that these designs are spot on.  The actual energy shot seems like standard sugar-free fare:

Each tiny shot (in its own little potion bottle) gives you the caffeine rush (160mg) of 2 Scarlet Taurens (i.e. Red Bulls®) or 4 cups of office coffee (i.e. the crappy kind). Each shot also contains a load of stuff to refresh your mind, body, and fighting spirit – Elderberry (historically protects you from witches) and Ginseng, and vitamins like Biotin and Folic Acid, to name a few.

So this is like 5 Hour Energy Shots packaged for gamers, geeks and nerds.  The niche market is ripe for the nerdy plucking, and they seem to be a passionate, loyal bunch of consumers.  Does this make me want to order a 6 pack, fire up the Nintendo and try to beat Chronotrigger in one night?  Color me inspired.

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  1. Not Important

    My DM lost his voice after drinking one of these. We had to cut our session short.


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