Brought to you by the delightful humans at Jones Soda.  Obviously.  Who else would take the time to cater to a small percentile of table top role players and pull it off so gloriously.  To whit:

With flavors like “Eldritch Blast” and “Potion of Healing,” I can’t imagine these won’t fly off the nerd shelves.  Seriously, my friend described a night of hardcore D&D involving two Mastodon albums, several liters of orange soda and Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread. These people base their lives around elves, mages, and bottled sugar drinks.

Some marketing genius innately understands the very genetic make up of our trap-evading-spell-casting friends.  Well done, Jones Soda.  Now, if you could get to work on Magic: The Gathering: The Soda, then we’d be talking about a nerd revolution.  Imagine the flavor texts on the bottles!  And the use of Mana to cast your soda!

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  1. mthrisho

    Actually the D&D sodas came about because Jones did have the rights to produce Magic: The Gathering based sodas in conjunction with a release of a new set of cards or something like that. A friend of mine when he heard this sent an email to Jones Soda saying ‘Well if you have the rights to that, and are working with that company why don’t you…’ and the rest is history.

  2. Jefferson

    Oh how cool!
    I want to show this on MY blog, too!

    I started playing D&D abut 30 years ago…I’m glad to see there is still enough interest in it to promote thru Jones!


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