….well, assuming you think a one dollar bill qualifies as “cold, hard cash.”

The Maryland/DC based burrito joint California Tortilla will be placing hundreds of $1 bills around the DC area on Thursday, March 11th with messages attached to them promoting its $5 “Fiesta Combo.”  To raise awareness of this promotion, California Tortilla is apparently going all out by: A) e-mailing me, and B) releasing the following YouTube video, which clearly must have gone the way of Avatar and run way, way over budget:

The promotion has shades of the Burger King “lost wallet” promotion, although those wallets contained anywhere from $1 to $100 as well as some “cool” paraphernalia like a drivers license for The King.  While finding a dollar with a note about a deal at California Tortilla might cause a few people to mention it to friends, I am a bit skeptical about something this small scale to generate enough word-of-mouth buzz to have a substantial impact.

What do people think? Will this promotion generate any buzz, or is this So Good post the last we’ll hear of it online?

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