In a bit of an upset, Michael Voltaggio, originally from Frederick, Maryland, has won Season 6 of Top Chef.  Despite my absolute certain belief that Kevin would win, the judges went a different direction, asserting that Kevin had, “an off night.” Congrats to Michael, both for an amazing job with his cooking and for the dedication it clearly takes to make those little spikes of hair look so perfect:


This continues a frustrating string of losses for my preferred chefs, with my favorite not having won since Harold in Season 1. Yes, it has been disappointing to see Sam in Season 2, Brian in Season 3, Richard in Season 4 and Carla in Season 5 all go down in flames near the very end and Kevin…oh Kevin, you lovable, fat little nerd. We all thought you had this one in the bag.

Season 7 of Top Chef will begin filming in January although no date for the show being aired has been announced yet.

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