Would You Rather? time. This week we tackle the age old mustard vs. ketchup debate.

Option #1: You can never eat mustard again.


Option #2: You can never eat ketchup again.


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25 Responses

  1. Brian

    I’m choosing mustard no question. I’m not a big fan of ketchup. I don’t eat my fries with it and I can’t think of anything else I eat that I would have to have ketchup with. You can’t eat a hot dog without mustard.

  2. Bear Silber

    I’m a huge “sauce-whore” and I will add any condiment that is available to my meals and try any combination. That said, and this is tough, I would give up ketchup….only because I use mustard on almost all my meals. It’s like God’s secret sauce….good flavor, no calories….with a little Tabasco it’s perfect. I think they should make a French’s Tabasco flavor….mmmmmm. And that doesn’t include all of the fabulous varieties of mustard….I mean, there’s millions!

  3. ingrid

    i am so mustard.

    more variety.

    more flavor.

    if i want a tomato, i’ll eat one.

  4. Greg

    As long as mustard means whole grain or Dijon instead of that vile yellow stuff, then I’m keeping mustard.

  5. lilchick

    There are millions of varieties of mustard…ever had a steak with a mustard cream sauce – delice!

    Ketchup. There is only really one kind. You can kid yourself by buying the spicy version but really – who’s kidding who – it’s ketchup.

    Mustard is my muse.

  6. RhondaB

    I keep trying to vote, but it’s not working for me. If it comes to a tie vote, put me down for mustard!

    I don’t want ketchup to diappear though, because it’s the only thing that gets my daughter to each veggies. No, I don’t consider ketchup a veggie, but she will dip broccoli, asparagus and green beans in it. I know, right?

  7. Biondid

    Mustard, hands down.

    With all the different flavored mustards you would be missing out on so much.

    Ketchup goes on hotdogs and hamburgers, not sandwichs like it’s counterpart.

    Mustard is used in many different recipes, where I don’t think I’ve ever used ketchup in cooking.

    Tomatoes are great on burgers, no ketchup necessary.

    Are these enough reasons?

  8. Julie

    I probably use mustard more, but I’m voting for ketchup because I can’t live without french fries, and I can’t eat french fries without ketchup. Hence, ketchup wins

  9. Amy

    This is a toughie! I’d have to keep the mustard. Ketchup is easier to substitute/replace. You could use something else tomato-y like salsa. But mustard is kind of its own thing.

  10. Miles

    They are both versatile and tasty. They have cross-over territory, yet also their own distinct niches in cooking and topping of foods.

    That said, if I think of my favorite foods for Ketchup, versus my favorite foods for Mustard….Ketchup and Burgers is just yummier than Mustard and Hot Dogs.

  11. Cary

    NO. NO. This has to be wrong. How is this even a tough decision?

    Ketchup with a burger is fine. Maybe eggs or hash browns as well.

    Mustard with hot dogs. Sandwiches. Meat and cheese platters. Fries. The list goes on.

    I can’t believe people will choose one piece of food (burger, fries) and take that over the versatility mustard provides on a variety of foodstuffs.

    Simply astonishing.

  12. RB

    If mustard were to be banned forever, it wouldn’t be soon enough. I hate mustard, HATE IT, and I can detect even the tiniest bit of it. Trouble is, it’s EVERYWHERE – on sandwiches, in marinades, in salad dressings, one time even lurking beneath the surface of breaded chicken. I’m sick and tired of mustard sucker-punching me in the tastebuds and would be thrilled if it would just go away for good!

  13. Jen

    For someone who keeps a backup bottle of ketchup in the back of the fridge so she never has to consume room temp ketchup at home, this is tough. You can’t eat a hot dog, corn dog or brat w/o mustard. You can’t make baked beans w/o it. But, you can dip your fries in mayo, mustard, tartar sauce (yummm). I guess I’ll go with giving up ketchup. Oh sweet Jesus. I can’t believe I just put that out there in the universe.

  14. Misery abounds!

    I personnaly think that they are both great, and since so many people enjoy them, they should be illegal. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg can see that they are removed from all New York tables. Next, salt & pepper, and then sugar and all substitutes! And no laughing.

  15. Kos

    Little kids and the boring tend to pick ketchup, everyone else picks anything else other than bland ketchup.

    But what about fries? – Better plain, or with salt, vinegar, hot sauce or mayo, than with Catsup.

  16. MattF

    Just ate 2 stadium dogs with a bunch of ketchup an no mustard. I guess I’m a little different than everyone else because I prefer ketchup more than mustard an it seems like there are more mustard fans…

  17. Layne

    Mustard is horrible and Ketchup is BOSSS and even if I liked mustard I could not live without ketchup I sometimes even cut up hotdogs dip it in cheese and then dip the hotdog with ketchup into shredded cheese it might sound weird but it is goooood


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