I know, I know, more bacon products. I’m as sick of them as you are. Good lord though, how could I not mention this? I don’t have any snarky comments about people “porking” or your next session in the sack being “sizzling.” I think the absurdity of this product speaks for itself. Insert your own joke/pun here.  Oh, and also go read more info about it on Don Chavez. Also, check out the video below of them doing a taste test.


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  1. regoob

    when did this turn into sobaconblog.com? 1/2 of the posts are about bacon. there is more out there than bacon!

  2. Eick


    1/2 the posts about bacon? Really? 2 of the past 20 posts have been about bacon.

    TWO of the past TWENTY.

    That’s 10%, not an unreasonable amount, but even I feel like that’s too often.

  3. Krusty

    Yeah, you’re pretty much asking for someone to bite it off. Not cool.

  4. trisha

    I am in favor of the more traditional approach…like dripping the bacon grease on…just kidding.
    this is nasty.



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