Could cilantro be the bacon of 2009? Food bloggers and online foodies know the obscene levels of obsession and attention that bacon received online during 2008.  But what will be the bacon of 2009? Is cilantro on the verge of breaking out and becoming an internet obsession?  The creator of a site I just discovered over the weekend probably hopes so. This weekend I stumbled across an amusing new site, Fuck Yeah Cilantro. The site delivers the following message in the top left corner:


Seems pretty clear this person loooooves cilantro.  The site is written with a snarky, in your face tone, and doesn’t pull any punches.   Pictures of cilantro abound, with captions like “this is a photograph of foreplay.”  One recent post suggests that cilantro plays a roll in the authors masturbatory habits:


The author makes a compelling case for the greatness of cilantro, arguing:

Cilantro is Natalie Portman, Lily Allen, and Zooey Deschanel all rolled into one: responsible yet stylish, challenging and charming, intelligent without being pedantic. Recession-friendly in every way. Cilantro will make your modest meal a sensation

The site also makes sure to call out those in the anti-cilantro crowd. Calling Top Chef contest Fabio an “asshole” for saying that he “hates cilantro.”

Amusing site. I will say, I’m a pretty big fan of cilantro (in moderation) myself, so I’m on board with the general message.

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  1. Heather

    I love cilantro, too – I often use it in white rice. But why is it that you can never buy just a “little bit” of cilantro? It’s always sold as a huge bush!

  2. BS

    this is interesting – cilantro inspires passionate feelings – is it true that it’s a genetic thing? That there’s a DNA reason why people either love or hate cilantro?

  3. Brian

    I don’t know. I love cilantro but I thought the cilantro obsession was already played out.

  4. oasispaw

    people hate cilantro because their sense of smell is defective. it’s true because i read it on teh internets via fuckyeahcilantro.

  5. Raiders757

    I’ve loved cilantro for over 20 years, so if it’s the next food obsession, all I can say, is where has everybody been for so long?

  6. Jess

    Supposedly about 25% of people have a palate sensitivity to cilantro rendering it inedible. But as with any good fetish, a good portion of the population has to find it vile and disgusting…

  7. slanch

    cilantro is only good in tiny amounts

    but the cilantro phase is already over

    everyone moved on to chipotle

    which is now in everything

  8. AnonymousCrab

    Anyone who would choose to cook something with an ingredient or blog about cooking with a particular ingredient only because it’s a trend among the sort of people who chase trends is an irrelevant sack of turds. The sort of people who write on their blogs “omg I love bacon, doesn’t everyone, look how I fit in with them” is a turd. The sort of people who have a genuine passion for something aren’t. It’s simple. If you can’t tell the difference I think you’re pretty helpless.


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