The BK King, rapping, dancing, and getting DOWN to the lyrics,  “I like square butts and I cannot lie.”  Part of the new marketing campaign for Burger King kids meals with a Spongebob Square Pants toy.  What do you think of the ad?

Seems like a pretty adult oriented ad for a commercial that is promoting kids meals. Trying to convince parents to take their kids to Burger King? Also, what’s the message to kids? Booty is booty?

H/T to So Good commenter Youppi.

Update: SongSpeak posts video of the full song/music video as well as the full lyrics of the song.  He also asks the obvious question that still must be asked:

Is it wise to use a song that glorifies fat asses to advertise a fast food restaurant that gives people…well…fat asses?

The full music video appears below:

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  1. rossitron

    yeah, i was a little weirded out by this ad. i’m not even who they’re targeting, so the wtf factor (which i sometimes like) is misguided. i haven’t ordered a kids meal in forever and probably won’t until i have kids, i guess). i think i’d be a bit defensive if i saw sir mix a lot telling my kids to chomp down on square booty.

    the kids don’t know better, but the parents do. this is the epitome of an unsavory song. it’s a caricature of tasteless music. i don’t understand this move.

  2. Ante

    This is a result of a brainless and directionless corporation following the artistic whims of 20 somethings who hate corporations…but will gladly take their money.

    The agency meanwhile continues to stroke the marketing executives and whispering in their ear that these are all great things because “people are talking about you”.

    There – I said it.

  3. Miles

    I think its funny. I don’t want a kid’s meal, but I am more likely to go there now and get something else. The King is Cool is the message I get. I got a square butt, and I feel empowered by the message. Thank you BK. Not every one can be slender and curvy, and we should not feel un-squeezable if we aren’t.

  4. Bruno

    Why do you guys actually have a box in your pants to make your butts look like they are big and square? Also in the video, why do you measure the corner of the butt?

  5. NinaJean

    Ok, I have to say… I think this is hilarious. I really can’t believe how much of an outrage this has caused.
    Especially when over half the parents complaining about this ad turn around and let their children watch MTV or violent movies without a second thought. Althought I agree that the “booty is booty” comment is a bit extreme.
    I would be willing to bet my money on the fact that most of the upset responses come from parents who have never sat and watched cartoons with their kids.
    The sad truth? This ad pales in comparison to what is actually incorporated into most childrens television.

    Oh and to answer your question ahead of time…
    Yes I am a parent.
    A responsible one at that.

  6. bobo

    it’s great, it’s a joke and all kids are exposed to crap like this all the time anyway. I think its a great commercial

  7. ShaySHAY

    I loved this commercial. Anyone who gets any sort of sexual pleasure from “square butts” should be in a padded room somewhere. It was a play with the lyrics of a ridiculously popular song…and honestly if you are offended by the original Sir Mix A Lot song chances are you should be offended by ALL songs that contain sex, drugs or sexual content….which the last time I checked is the majority of songs during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s…Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Rolling Stones, Kiss, U2…I could go on and on…not to mention a bunch of songs and videos right now. Beyond that, if your children are that sheltered that a song about square booty shaking scars them for life…I suggest that you start a trust fund for long term therapy. I understand that the song may be inappropriate for the youngest TV viewers….but with all the billboards and magazines and sexual content on the news even about political scandal…children are exposed to much more than a burger king commercial.

  8. Maria hernandez

    yo this is the most halarious thing i have ever seen !!!!!
    And stop hate’n on this commercial the only resond whu you guys hate it its cause you guys are old and dont understand advertising
    kids and teens and people who enjoy life love this commercial well here where i live every one is loving this , so beef of with all the jealousy people ok . and if you dont well i guess you need a hobby , shoot i wish i could had thought of it first its genious and shows lil kids , who did not grow up with song now have a some what resond to listen to it in a cleaner version with the idal of the 21 century SPONGEBOB

  9. ali

    it’s efin brilliant… it’s a jingle fast forward 2009… the ultimate advertising ploy… and it’s hitting the exact audience it needs to be … parents who remember when this song topped the charts… of course they will go buy their NOW kids happy meals… all the kids care about or will remember from this ad is mom I want sponge bob pants happy meal please please…

  10. Eydie Montana

    LOL…I laughed…funny stuff BK…keep it coming! People will still buy the food and the publicity is priceless. Get off your uptight, fast food eating, prudish high horses……still laughing.

  11. MrManAnalogy

    As an 18 year old, I have come to the conclusion I’m part of a dying breed. The portion of humanity that believes stupidity is intolerable. This commercial and those who like it are obviously part of the generation that will bring out the end to life as we know it.

    This is partially because I hope and pray none of you who like it have children.

    It’s ridiculous. Yes, violence and sexual innuendos have been breaking into children’s viewing habits gradually for years. Does this make it right? No.
    I grew up on Mr.Rogers, Sesame Street, Barney, and David the Gnome with the occasional Smurfs.
    I never did and never will have any interest in watching such a ridiculous show as Sponge Bob, nor will I eat somewhere that makes a commercial showing the declining writing capability of BK employees, because they think it’s ‘cool’…

    McDonald’s at least keeps a level of self-respect.
    At that, I look forward to the day McDonald’s buys out BK and fires their writers.

    That commercial is just the beginning to a stream of failing concepts that will lead to the true degrading of man kind.

  12. Mad Hatter

    Dear MrManAnalogy

    You suck please STFU and go die cause that was so lametarded I’m 22 and my breed most be more smarter then yours cause we know whats real and whats not we see realitie we don’t jump off the roof in order to fly and as for History Chaser PPFFTTTTTTT you suck as well.

  13. BlahBlahh

    kayy . well im old enough to know the difference from kid funny and inapropriate funny . and i have to sayy i love this video . its great and hilarious . so to all you haterrsss , THE COMMERCIAL IS ALREADY MADE AND ON T.V. ! SO GIHT OVUHH IHT ! now stikk that in your juice boxx nd suckit !!!![yeeeaa digg??]

  14. Uzii

    As a 15 year old, I gotta say…
    This is funny. Look at all you people arguing over a commercial. I mean really..don’t you have better things to do than flame others’ opinions?
    And speaking of opinions, mine is that the commercial is funny, but should it really be targeted towards a younger kid? ..Nooo.

  15. parvita

    Does BK’s kids meal sales shoot the top of the roof with this ad? I doubt this ad made any improvement on sales.


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