Serious Eats has a nice preview up of tonights Top Chef Finale that I recommend you go check out.  They think Stefan has the best odds of winning, at 2-1, with Carla at 3-1 and Hosea at 5-1.  As far as odds setting goes, I think that’s dead on, which is why I’ve posted the Serious Eats “odds picture” that you see below.


I’ve been saying that Stefan would win since the beginning, and I stand by that. You don’t win 10-11 challenges in a 6 show span without having something special.  Carla has been a real mystery and a pleasant surprise this season.  The first 2-3 episodes I was saying, “well she’ll be gone any minute.” But then she held on by the skin of her teeth then really stepped up her game down the stretch. Despite looking like a giant female version of the muppet character Beaker, she’s fun, endearing and from DC…she’ll have my support tonight.  I liked Hosea at first, but now I’m kind of whateves about him. I feel like he got into the final by process of elimination, not by wowing anyone.

Overall, this has been a somewhat blah season for me. Most seasons I find 2-3, or at least one person, that I REALLY like (See Harold, Sam, Brian, CJ etc.) and get to root for deep into the season.  Other than a brief flirtation with liking Eugene in the first few episodes, I haven’t had much of a favorite beyond Carla this year.

So go check out Serious Eat’s preview HERE.  You can also catch me liveblogging Top Chef tonight with the gang over at Endless Simmer.

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  1. rossitron

    hosea bugs me b/c he talks more about comparing himself to stefan than he talks about his food. i originally liked stefan, but the last episode really turned me off. i love carla lately. when she is in her element (i.e. not forced to cook someone else’s food), she can take whatever they throw at her. her little sound bytes are awesome as well (though they annoyed me at first).

    i am very excited about tonight.


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