My post on Friday, in which I stated I would not buy Kellogg’s products anymore because of their decision to punish Michael Phelps for taking a bong hit has proven to be no voice in the wilderness. If you’ve been online over the weekend you’ve probably seen that an anti-Kellogg’s backlash has materialized, with lots of other bloggers and columnists calling for rational thinking American’s to punish Kellogg’s for their decision.

The irony in all of this, as a number of commentators have pointed out, is that Kellogg’s has been getting rich off pot smokers with munchies for decades.  Gawker has a post up highlighting the Top Five Kellogg’s recipes for stoners – actual recipes from the Kellogg’s website that include “Dessert Nachos” and “Apple Jack Ice Cream Balls.”

As Seth Myers said in calling out Kellogg’s for this hypocrisy, “Really Kellogg’s? Really?”

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  1. Robin LoRe

    I’m with you 100% on the Phelps debate. I was astounded that the Richland County Sheriff, Leon Lott, is actually making absurd “arrest” noises. It’s a photograph after all. How could he possibly prove that there wasn’t corn flakes in that bong rather than pot? If the matter is pursued, I suggest that the entire campus send in photos of themselves smoking a bong with the suggestion that if Lott presses charges against Phelps, he need do so to the entire student body. Just a thought.

  2. shatraw

    really really?

    look, while kelloggs acting a fool here (your precious “food marketing” angle, eick), phelps is a FRIGGING IDIOT.

    believe me, i’m the last person to condemn recreational drug use. it’s fun. HOWEVER, phelps — in all his egomanical glory — did not recognize the fact that he is a big name (for another 4 years) in the public sphere and that every single thing he does is going to be looked upon critically. especially because he’s an athelete. for some reason, other celebs can have all the drug induced fun they want and it’s OK, but if you’re an athelete, it’s immediately a huge deal. i’m not saying that this is right. but it is reality and he should have been smart enough to smoke the bong in a locked room with whatever chick he was trying to nail that night and the dude who was packing it up. and if one of them took a picture of him, he could have bought the camera right then and there for $5,000. or, being that he’s a superhuman, BEAT THE PISS OUT OF THE PHOTOG.

    c’mon, phelps, THINK.

  3. Eick

    Great point Shatraw. I have never doubted Phelps idiocy, and obvious once you reach his level of fame you have to be careful about people snapping pictures of you.


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