They’re even fishing for new friends on Craigslist that they can de-friend in order to get a free Whopper.

Hello! I’m a 24 SWF and I’m looking to add some friends on facebook.

Here are the criteria:

1) You must have a facebook account.
2) You must be my friend without ever meeting me. I think it’s kinda weird to meet people from over the internet IRL, so I’d much rather just talk to you over AIM or email or something.
3) You must be okay with me sacrificing your facebook friendship for a Whopper. (see link: )

Thanks for your interest!

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  1. rossitron

    that seems like a lot of work to me. i just de-friended people i hadn’t really talked to in years and had no intention of ever contacting ever again. maybe that says something about my ‘friends’ list, but i feel like that’s probably a common situation.

    i just wanted a whopper.

    i do have one critique of the ad campaign. wouldn’t it make sense to allow the consumer to print out/access the coupon immediately instead of making them wait 2-4 weeks? my interest may have died by then.

  2. James

    Had these been the Whoppers of old .. you know, actually flame-broiled in the store … I’d sign up for Facebook and get friends to sacrifice.

    As they are now … can’t be bothered.

  3. LiLu

    In college, it was my mission to friend as many people as possible. Now every time I get drunk and get on the computer, I defriend like 50 people who don’t need to know about every time I get a cold or have a case of the Mondays. It’s liberating, actually.

  4. Cory O'Brien

    This is great! Users always find a way to manipulate a system like this, so it doesn’t surprise me to see the lengths people will go to to get a free $3 burger.


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