I don’t have a whole lot of commentary to offer on last nights season premiere of Top Chef other than to note that it might actually be possible that Top Chef host, cooking beauty and lover of pot smoking, Padma Lakshmi is getting hotter each season.

Of course some stuff actually happend on the show. Like this dude, Patrick, who is still in culinary school, and this lady Lauren, who was recently in culinary school WITH Patrick, were both eliminated. Now I know this isn’t shocking since they were the two least experienced chefs, so it would make sense that they were eliminated early. However, this does beg the question, what culinary school did these two go to? Possibly not the best PR for that school.

As far as contenders go, it’s still too early to tell, but the European ego, Stefan, seems to be off to a strong start, as does up-from-his-bootstraps Gene.

For more coverage of last nights Top Chef, you can check out Endless Simmer’s live blog, YumSugar’s questions and Serious Eat’s recap. You can also always find Top Chef info on Blogging Top Chef.

Also, Grub Street has a “Where are they Now” post on previous competitors and Capital Spice chatted with Carla Hall, the chef and caterer from Washington, DC who, during the premiere episode, said that when it comes to designing meals, she likes to be “led by my spirit guide.”

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  1. LiLu

    I don’t think any cooking school could have helped those two. They were trembling in their boots from the get-go. To do well at Top Chef, you gotta have some chest hair and a little fire under your ass.

  2. Capital Spice

    In fairness, the Culinary Institute had six students (Patrick and five alums) in the competition out of a total of 17 contestants.

    They also brag that 3 of the 4 previous seasons’ winners have studied there over at CIA Sizzle.

  3. Eick

    Ah Capital Spice, always the one for fairness. I, however, am one for hyperbole and rabble rousing.

    Good point though, that means the school still has 4 alums in the competition.

  4. Cary

    Solid episode. Padma is a smokeshow, and my two least favorite participants ate it.

    Also, let it be known that Gail has no chin.

  5. Youppi

    early faves: hosea, danny, jamie, gene, leah
    early jonesers: carla, jeff, radhika, melissa, richard.

    i already hope stefan doesn’t win for being such a toolbag.


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