Pepsi seems to be going a little bonkers right now re-designing the logo’s and bottles of not just Pepsi, but other products they make such as Mountain Dew and Tropicana Orange Juice.

What do you think?

H/T to Under Consideration & Buzzfeed.

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  1. Montana Eats

    I kind of like the new designs. I know they’re getting a lot of guff, but I think they’re sleek and simple. It does look a bit “Obama-y.” I especially like the OJ containers.

  2. Holly

    Don’t like it. I guess brand recognition is comforting to me on some level. And the “Mtn Dew” thing just seems lazy.

  3. Tessa

    I LOVE them all (except mtn dew.. its like when people put “U” on products)

    I really like it when products make their labels look generic. Like Target’s.

  4. Jon

    Im a less is more kind of guy so I actually like these. Especially, the Mtn Dew one. It’s really modern looking.

  5. Brandon

    I really like the new labels. They are “clean,” lacking (thank God!) messy design the old labels had. The old ones were covered in text, promotional offers, etc. and I did not like that at all.

  6. Pep Pi


    Someone Help Pepsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Note: the designers need more training…



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