Ok, I’m just gonna come out and say it: I cannot stand Rachael Ray. This woman is so saccharine, fake and cloyingly annoying! It truly amazes me that anyone watches her for more than 30 seconds. How did a woman who has no real kitchen experience become America’s “go to girl” for cooking advice? I will admit that 30 minute meals was a smart idea, but how did that develop into various other slightly food related television shows? With catchphrases like “YUM-O” and “EVOO” its amazing that she actually gets ratings (or is taken seriously by anyone even slightly interested in cooking).

I find the general obsession with celebrity chefs a bit odd. Usually once they become “celebrities” they cease all cooking and just exist. Seriously what do they do?. Other than pimp themselves out via crappy reality shows, not much. DISCLAIMER: I DO SOMETIMES ENJOY NEXT TOP CHEF.

Serious Eats recently wrote about the lack of celebrity chefs who actually stay in the kitchen, and I totally agree with almost everything they say. Someone needs to tell these people that a key part of being a “celebrity chef,” is actually cooking.

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  1. Lemmonex

    I wrote a whole screed about this recently. For me, it is her punning and her painfully cheesy recipe names. Oh, it hurts…it HURTS.

  2. TheDeuce

    Actually, she has “real kitchen experience” if you count her being a production chef in an upscale grocery chain (something I myself did for a few years). But let’s be honest, who has more TV appeal: a bubbly girl with a rock-hard ass (yes, I have the picture of me grabbing it to prove it) or a gangly, heavily tattooed chef with years of kitchen/restuarant experience?


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