I love animals. Really, I do. I grew up with pets and fully embrace their cuddly cuteness. Unfortunately the people of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have taken it too far. PETA wrote Ben and Jerry’s a letter requesting that they replace the cows milk used to make their ice cream with breast milk. Yes, you read that correctly – BREAST MILK!!!

The nutcases over at PETA argue that it is healthier for us to consume breast milk, and that using cows for their milk is inhumane. First of all, if I am going for healthy, Ben and Jerry’s probably wont be my first stop. And secondly, inhumane to the cows… what about the women?! I guess PETA has no problems with milking women?

I was hoping this was a joke, but jokes on me because this is totally serious. I’m just praising the folks over at Ben and Jerry’s for remaining sane and unswayed by Peta’s craziness. I know I certainly would not buy ice cream made from breast milk. Eww, just, eww.

via wptz and Cold Mud.

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  1. We Are Never Full

    all i have to say is – NASTY. give me a break, PETA. can’t we shake on maybe even thinking about soy milk? or do the soy beans now have a heart, voice and feelings?

    give me my meat, cheese and, yes, i’m saying it, FOIE GRAS . you can have your breast milk.

  2. molly539

    Just where does PETA suggest B&J gets the lactating women from? There surely aren’t enough of them to make ice cream in the amounts that we Americans consume.

    As Baraf says, eewwww!

  3. Timothy FFC

    Despite the apparent seriousness of this campaign, I cannot help thinking the PETA folks have their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks… and are now just sitting back watching the media frenzy.

  4. Feta


    Don´t they think that they are loosing their credebiltiy, when makin these great suggestions…

  5. Eick

    Q: What kind of blog is this?

    A: One that LOVES writing about breast milk.

    Although ironically, both of those posts were not from me, but from So Good contributors.

  6. Anonymous

    Breast milk won’t really work for ice cream. It can’t be used to make cheese or yogurt all that well either.

    What’s up with people thinking pasteurized human secretions are gross compared to pasteurized cow secretions?


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