I don’t know about you, but roomates offer up more than their fair share of trials and joys.  From the sharing of the bathroom to the washing of the dishes, even the best of friends can cling to your last nerve.  That’s why I was so excited when I saw this awesome little refrigerator: the flatshare fridge.

It’s made by Electrolux, and has four separate compartments, essentially giving each roomie their own fridge.  I like the design and the idea is certainly innovative- but there are a couple of caveats.  This fridge does a great job of compartmentalizing, but each section is so little… could you fit all your stuff in there?  Also when I had roomates we usually only had one carton of milk, one thing of eggs, one stick of butter,etc, etc.  We purchased these on a rotating basis so as not to let things go bad.

I’m up in the air on this one.  On the one hand; great gimmick and cute design, on the other it’s a little pointless.  Whatever happened to everyone getting their own shelf or just respecting each others food – I mean it’s not like these people are strangers!  They’re your roomates!  You chose to live with them.

Via Yumsugar.

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  1. hillary_b

    also, what cheap ass landlord would ever buy this for their tenants? and if you can afford to put it in yourself, you shouldn’t have roommates.

  2. Zenne

    I imagine that you could assign one compartment to store mutual items in, such as milk, eggs and butter.

    …or just put a lockbox into an existing fridge, for those specialty items you just don’t want grubby paws on.


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