Two weeks ago, I put out the call for some new contributors to join me in posting on So Good. The response was overwhelming, as more than 20 people expressed interest in contributing. After pouring over applications, requesting SAT scores and over-analyzing my e-mail exchanges with each of the contenders, I finally settle on a few new contributors. Ladies and gentlemen, announcing your new So Good contributors!

1. Lemmonex. Washington, DC. I met this smart, funny, sexy and extremely readable blogger at a DC blogger potluck a few months ago. The writer of the blog Culinary Couture, she is going to branch out a little bit and do a weekly column for So Good. Each Wednesday, she will publish a post called “I Try It So You Don’t Have To.” The idea behind this is just what you’re thinking. She will sample ridiculous, disgusting, intriguing and random food products that you were always afraid to try yourself, and then give you the lowdown.

2. Chew on That. Chicago, Il. Chew on That Blog is a great site that I discovered shortly after I started blogging. I found myself frequently swapping e-mails or links with one of the site’s writers, Hillary. The site is a couple of food enthusiasts that love to explore, experiment, and educate their readers about everything and anything food-related. Most of all, they love to share recipes and cooking tips which is what they’ll be doing here at So Good. Chew on That will be starting a new weekly column as well, publishing a “Recipe of the Week” each Friday.

3. JT. Austin, TX. This scoundrel is a former co-worker of mine who refuses to write a blog of his own, thus I have nothing to hyperlink his name to. A triathlon runner with a voracious appetite, JT has been known to throw down two sandwiches for lunch on a daily basis. His attention to detail in sandwich construction is almost on par with my own. He will be a general contributor to So Good, writing about whatever he fancies. JT will be blogging under the screen name…wait for it….wait for it…..JT.

4. Emily Ray Baraf. New York, NY. Emily Ray Baraf is my diamond in the rough: a yet-to-be-discovered comedic, writing and acting talent who will no doubt make a name for herself while writing for So Good. Shortly there after, I expect her to move on to world domination. Emily is an actress/comedienne/media freelancer living, working and playing in NYC. She will also be a general contributor and will blog under the name Baraf.

5. Spicy Food Guy. Pittsburgh, PA. A riddle wrapped in an enigma, this elusive blogger specializes in referring to himself in the third person and, you guessed it, spicy food. As a lover of all things spicy, I just couldn’t say no to his offer to contribute to So Good. Especially after he called my blog “First Class.” Flattery will get you everywhere in life my friends. Spicy Food Guy will be contributing posts about spicy food about once a month.

Please join me in welcoming your new So Good contributors. Over the next couple weeks you will begin seeing the first posts from each of these contributors pop-up on the site. Be a pal, leave a comment and wish them well!

Editors warning: Don’t EVER do a Google image search for the word “Newbies” while at work unless you have Safe Search on. For some reason, that word seems to be associated with some pretty explicit forms of pornography.

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  1. Belch

    Congrats on getting some new talent to this blog. I look forward to the new great content, and I hope it helps push the blog to the next level!

  2. Eick

    Yeah, Would You Rathers are my bag, and I’ve been horribly off the map when it comes to keeping up with those. I’m hoping with the great new content coming from the new writers, I can focus more on things specifically like Would You Rathers!


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